Thursday, September 09, 2004

Trust between the public and GPs

A response to Aidan's posting "An ordered sequence".

The relationship between the public and their GPs is the obvious place to start work in understanding the issues for the Care Records System. it is extraordinary that this simple insight has eluded the people in charge of this massive project!

See the following newspaper article from today's Independent:

Trust in politicians at critical low after Iraq war and Hutton

The paper copy has a table showing the proportion of the public who trust various professional groups to tell the truth. Highlights are as follows:

Ranking Profession %
Family doctors
Senior managers in the NHS
Top civil servants
People who run large companies
Government ministers
Estate agents

Only tabloid journalists, with 7% are lower than estate agents:-)

It looks like the Gordian Knot approach to problem-solving might turn out to be very dangerous in this case!

Interestingly, 55% of GPs use a software package called EMIS, which has been developed over a period of many years, but NPfIT proposes to ignore this, and expects GP practices to replace it with one of two unproven new systems.

Here are two articles from Computer Weekly of 31st August which will give you an idea of what is going on here.

NAO to investigate £2.3bn NHS IT plan
National plan may replace Emis system, GPs warned

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