Thursday, September 09, 2004

Progress on NPfIT

Dear all,

This week's Computer Weekly contains several articles about the project. I don't want to give you information overload, so I will summarise (if you want me to upload the full articles I will):

1) NPfIT has signed contracts with suppliers worth £6 billion, but central government has only committed to pay for £2.3 billion of this. it is unclear where the rest of the money is supposed to come from. Several NHS Trust IT controllers are wondering about this!

2) Care Records Service is claimed to have gone live in June!

3) Three hospitals in London were supposed to go live on Book & Choose in June. One hasn't done so and the other two claim to have done, but who they are is secret. Computer Weekly has found out who they are. So far, they have booked 6 appointments on the system!

4) Computer Weekly has asked a number of specific questions about the project (e.g. who is responsible for the accuracy of the 50 million patient records to be recorded in CRS?). The answers are very vague.

So, CRS is live, even though no-one has yet accurately analysed the requirements for it:-)



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