Monday, September 13, 2004

BCS Meeting

Dear Richard,

That might be worth going to. Have you been to any of these BCS meetings? Are they as useful as they ought to be?

You may have spotted the following on the BCS web site:

The Challenges of Complex IT Projects

Their report states that billions of pounds are being wasted on IT projects. Not surprisingly, their recommendations include the following:

1) Train people more.

2) Do more research on complexity.

The first would be fine if there was any evidence that people with qualifications can do a better job in this area than those without. As for more research, it seems somewhat pointless, given that everything necessary to do a better job is already known, but no-one seems keen on applying what they claim to already know!

Richard, the BCS web site is strangely silent about how to book a place at the meeting. Do we just turn up or what? If you don't know the answer, I am happy to chase BCS to find out. If you do, then there is no point in me doing so.



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